Fastest Dafabet Withdrawal local bank transfer: Min Amt ₹300

Make successful Dafabet withdrawal 2022 via the most reliable local bank transfer in 3 easy steps. With min withdrawal of ₹300 collect your winnings in 6mins!

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3 Steps for How to make Dafabet withdrawal

Excited to collect your jackpot winnings but don’t know the withdrawal procedure? Relax! We have got everything you wish to find about Dafabet withdrawal. The below 3 steps will answer all your queries.

Step 1: Log in to your Dafabet account


  • Existing players can directly log into their Dafabet account with proper credentials.
  • Newbies need not worry, simply click on Dafabet register and we’ll show you how to open your new account in less than 4 mins.

Step 2: Click on the withdraw option under the Cashier button


  • After logging in, you’ll be able to see a “Cashier button” at the right corner of your profile on the homepage.
  • Click the button and select the “Withdraw” option.
  • A new window will get opened for withdrawal, where you need to select your withdrawal mode. The best and highly recommended withdrawal mode is the local bank transfer.

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Step 3: Fill up the Dafabet withdrawal form

After selecting the withdrawal mode, a withdrawal form will appear. Take a deep breath and follow the below instructions for filling up the withdrawal form.

Firstly you need to enroll in your bank account to make a Dafabet withdrawal.

Dafabet withdrawal

  • Payment options – Check the payment option name which is set by default for you.
  • Bank account holder’s name – Enter bank holder’s name. Make sure it’s the same as that of your bank account details.
  • Bank name – Select your preferred bank from the drop-down menu.
  • Bank branch name – Enter your bank’s branch name.
  • Bank address – Enter the address of your chosen bank.
  • Bank account number – Type your bank account number correctly. Recheck to avoid any issues later.
  • Password – Enter your Dafabet password correctly and click on the “Enroll account” button.

You will be redirected to a new page. Now insert all your withdrawal details by reading each and every instruction carefully. Also, check out the Dafabet withdrawal review post to discover more about withdrawal. 

Dafabet withdrawal

  • Payment option: Select the transaction mode to collect your amount. Try local bank transfer as it is the most recommended option for Indians.
  • Withdrawal from: Choose the game wallet from where you want to withdraw your funds. For example, Dafa Sports.
  • Amount: Enter the exact amount you want to withdraw from your game wallet.
  • Reminder: You must not put the amount in decimals. For example, If the amount is ₹300.1, then either put 300 or 301.
  • Password: Reenter your Dafabet password and click on the “Submit” button.

Dafabet withdrawal

A popup window showing that your withdrawal request has been approved will appear.

Note: The transaction process through e-wallets will take 12-24 hours. For the local Bank transfer option, it may take 4-5 days for the funds to get transferred.

7 Dafabet Withdrawal Options for India – Local bank transfer best pick

Let’s look at the other Dafabet withdrawal options available for Indians.

Dafabet withdrawal


1. E-wallets – These are the quickest Dafabet withdrawal method available. Since most of the Indian punters do not use available e-wallets for transactions. It is the least recommended option. Below are the e-wallet modes available at Dafabet.

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Ecopayz

2. Local Bank transfer – The simplest and the most reliable method for Dafabet withdrawal is local bank transfer. As you saw how easy it was to collect your winnings with this method. It offers Dafabet minimum withdrawal in India of ₹300.

3. Cryptocurrency – Another trending mode for Dfabet withdrawal is cryptocurrency. Again many are not familiar with this kind of payment method, so it is not preferred much. However, no one is stopping you from using them if you have enough knowledge about them. Below are the 3 cryptocurrencies available at Dafabet withdrawal.

  • Bitcoin
  • USDT(cozeni)
  • USDT(fuhui)

2 common mistakes to avoid while making Dafabet withdrawal

Although the withdrawal process is simple yet many members have faced withdrawal problems because of small mistakes that you must avoid. Below are 3 common mistakes to take note of that can be helpful to not only beginners but also full-time players. Make sure to be familiar with the Dafabet withdrawal time India before you make a transaction.

1. Selecting the wrong game wallet

Dafabet withdrawal

Recheck all the data that you entered to have 100% assurance of your withdrawal form. Check all the bets that you have won in every game wallet and select only one at a time for withdrawal.

2. Forgetting passwords

Dafabet withdrawal

Remembering passwords is always a big deal. For a successful Dafabet withdrawal it is necessary to put the correct password.

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Dafabet withdrawal is the easiest and quickest way to collect all your winnings instantly. Local bank transfer is the preferred option for withdrawal in India because funds will be sent straight from the bank account to the user account and vice versa. For the safety of their users, Dafabet ensures that all of their payment methods are encrypted using modern technology. Within 3 steps, you can have your withdrawal request approved. Dafabet is one of the most exciting and amusing online betting bookies with promotional offers ranging up to ₹30k.

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