How to play 10CRIC roulette – Get 100% cash prize up to ₹20k

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10CRIC Roulette Game   10CRIC Roulette Online

10CRIC is a betting platform that caters to all of the gambling demands. It has a global sportsbook as well as an online casino with a wide variety of entertaining and exciting casino games. Provides players in India with a safe, trustworthy, and enjoyable experience.

10cric roulette game online

Roulette is a popular game all around the world. In India, players can visit 10CRIC and play online roulette for real money.

10CRIC Roulette Game

Roulette is played on a wheel that has numbers on it. You place bets based on where you anticipate the ball will land. You win if you properly predicted the outcome. Continue reading to know more about 10CRIC Roulette variations, bet types, and rules.

3 Popular 10CRIC roulette variations – Pick the best!

While European roulette is the most prevalent version, there are several variations on this casino game. Traditional roulette versions are available at the majority of online casinos. The classic variants, as well as many more, are available at 10CRIC India. Here’s what to expect.

10CRIC Roulette Game


  1. European Roulette – A popular choice among Indian players of online roulette. The wheel has a single zero slot, which implies the house edge is lower. It’s just 2.6%.
  2. American Roulette – The most frequent version of roulette found in American casinos. The wheel has a single and double zero slot, which is a twist on the European version. House edge is 5.25%.
  3. French Roulette – A distinct table arrangement, although it is still played with a single zero slot. In this version of the game, the payouts for specific bets are altered. House edge is 2.70%.

Various 10CRIC roulette bet types

You can bet on a single number or different combinations of numbers in roulette. There are numerous betting combinations available, each with its own set of 10CRIC odds and prizes for winning bets.

Outside bets

Outside bets, which are placed outside of the primary layout with the numbers and are well worth your time, are another option. Take a look at the 5 Outside Bets you can use to increase your winnings.

10CRIC Roulette Game

  1. Red/ Black – Place a bet on either a red or black pocket.
  2. Even/Odd – Place a bet on one of the even or odd pockets.
  3. Columns – Wager on a particular column.
  4. Dozens – Betting on either 1st 12 (1-12), 2nd 12 (13-24), or 3 rd 12(25-36).
  5. High or Low – Bet on either the 1st(1-18) or 2nd(19-36) half.

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Inside bets

You usually have 7 Inside Bets, which we’ve included below for your convenience, along with a brief description of each.

10CRIC Roulette Game

  1. Straight – This is a bet that just involves 1 number. Place the chip inside the square of the number to make this bet.
  2. Split – A bet on 2 nearby numbers on the table, made by placing the chip on the shared line between the squares of the 2 numbers.
  3. Street – A wager placed on 3 consecutive numbers on the same line. Place the chip on the row’s outer corner to make the wager.
  4. Six Line – A bet on 2 lines that are adjacent to each other. You must place the chip on the common outside corner of the 2 lines to make this bet.
  5. Corner – A corner bet is a 4-number wager made by placing the chip on the 4 numbers’ common corner. Also known as a square bet.
  6. Trio – A wager in which the zero is included. Place the chip on the line that the 0 box and the other 2 numbers share.
  7. Basket – With a chip on the corner shared by the 0 box and the 1st line, bet on 0, 1, 2, and 3.

10CRIC Roulette rules

The slots on a Roulette wheel are numbered 1 to 36 and are black or red. There will also be 1 or 2 green zero spots, depending on the variation you are playing. A roulette table is also present, with the numbers displayed in the appropriate color. These number squares are where players place their bets.

10CRIC Roulette Game

  • The wheel is spun with a little ball once the bets have been put, and when it comes to a stop, the ball lands in one of the slots, which is the winning number. 
  • You can choose to wager on a single number or a group of numbers, such as red, black, odd, or even. 
  • Inside and outside bets are the two types of wagers. 
  • They all have different payouts since various types of bets have a higher possibility of winning.
  • Decide your bets carefully, and have fun betting.

3 steps – How to play Roulette at 10CRIC

Now that you are familiar with 10CRIC roulette rules, variations & bet types, let’s quickly learn how to begin playing 10CRIC roulette for real money. Follow the below 3 steps to get started.

Step 1: Sign up & login to the 10CRIC official website 

  • To play 10CRIC roulette for real money you need to become a member by opening an account at 10CRIC Register.
  • Already a member? Then visit your 10CRIC profile by entering your valid credentials.

10CRIC Roulette Game

  • On the menu bar of the 10CRIC homepage you’ll find the Live Casino section, click on it.
  • Then select Roulette from the menu bar under it to find all roulette tables available at 10CRIC.

Step 2: Pick a European roulette variation game with min bet limit of ₹5

  • Once you click on the Roulette tab, you’ll find an incredible collection of tables with varying bet limits.

10CRIC Roulette Game

  • Happyindia88 recommends beginners choose the least bet limit table of ₹5 from European roulette variation to avoid huge losses.
  • For instance, let’s pick India roulette at 10CRIC that has a table limit from ₹5 to ₹2,50,000.

Step 3: Begin betting on 10CRIC Roulette online

10CRIC Roulette Game

  • Once you enter the 10CRIC roulette table, you’ll find a dealer who whirls the wheel and throws the ball into it.
  • If you predict the number on which the ball lands, then you will win the bet.
  • Take a glance at the 10CRIC roulette rules & bet types above and place your wagers wisely. Enjoy betting & keep winning. Good luck!

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10CRIC Roulette Game

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Now you have all the information you need to begin playing Roulette online at 10CRIC. So sign up now, claim your bonus & start playing. You can try out several variants of roulette and discover your favorite one at 10CRIC’s diverse game selection. With such a fun and reliable service available, it’s no surprise that online roulette has grown in popularity in India. Start betting at 10CRIC now!

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