How to play Betway Baccarat: Opt-in for ₹5L Grand Prize Draw

Betway Baccarat is a unique indulgent card game to play. At Betway, you can learn How to Play Baccarat online & opt-in for the ₹500k Grand Prize Draw Online’21!

Betway Baccarat Live   Betway Baccarat Online

Learning how to play Betway Baccarat is very easy. You can now play Baccarat online for a trial version or with real money Baccarat for impressive payouts. Bet on the Banker or Player to see who hits closest to 9. And with excellent side bets like Perfect Pair, you can have more extra fun at Betway’s most reputable online casinos.

How to Play Betway Baccarat – 3 Steps – Rules and Card Values

How enjoyable is playing a game that you don’t know what is revealing before your eyes? Give this article a quick read before you start playing online, and you’ll learn how to play Betway Baccarat. It will most assuredly make the game more appealing.

Step 1: Access & Login into Betway, click Live Casino

To begin with, you need to enter the official Betway site. Follow the directions below to reach the Betway Baccarat.


  • Players need to log into their account using the latest Betway Login links if they’re an existing user who has an account with Fun88. otherwise, they need to do Signup at Betway.
  • Once you logged into your account, make your 1st Deposit and click the Live Casino tab from the menu bar.
  • Find and click on the Baccarat menu from the live casino games tab.

Step 2: Select a Betway baccarat table with the cheapest betting option


  • A new window or tab will open after clicking on the Baccarat tab. To find an online Betway Baccarat table, click on the Baccarat game from the menu bar. You will notice various Baccarat tables available for you with a different operator.
  • There are 13 varied Baccarat tables to pick from, and you can play at any of them as long as the table is available.
  • At Betway Baccarat, Pragmatic Play is the most feasible among other online Baccarat providers, a minimum entry of ₹60.

Create a Betway new account via the Betway Registration process guide article!

Step 3: Begin your Betway Baccarat run and start winning money


  • Place your bets on the Player, Banker, or a tie in the appropriate betting basket on the screen. No cards are dealt until all bets are placed.
  • The live dealer will hand out and call out the whole amount of points and how the Baccarat game will proceed.
  • In case the Banker or the Player has an 8 or 9, the closest to 9 wins. The hand is over, and you’ll get money for the bets you’ve succeeded.
  • If both Player and Banker have equal points, tie bets win.
  • If no one has a natural or a tie, the value of the player’s hand delivers what happens next:
    – If the player has 7 or 6, he stands.
    – If the player has 5 to 0, he’ll receive another card added to the total hand value and this ends the player’s hand.

Go to Betway India to read more information on available betting games, learn the claiming process of ₹500 free bets along with the registration, depositing & withdrawing guide!

Player’s Third Card Rule Table

Certainly, this game is surely very complicated when it comes to this rule. But later taking a glance at this table and its information all your confusion will get cleared. So a third card is drawn only when no hand is dealt natural (8 or 9).


Betting Options in Betway Baccarat

In contradiction to Blackjack and similar card games, you don’t play Against the dealer. Alternatively, you bet on the Banker or the Player to win (or a tie.) You can also discover about Baccarat card computing to place a more well-read bet on each hand.


  • Player: The 1st type of bet that you can perform is to bet that the Player will finish up with the most suited hand closest to 9. Player bets pay 1:1 on your funds, which makes a house edge of 1.36%
  • Banker: Banker, the most beneficial bet with only a 1.17% house edge. Since the Banker bets win more frequently than a player, the house gives 19:20 on your winnings.
  • Tie: You can also place your bet on the result that the Player and the Banker close up with the identical card total. This will give 8:1 on your funds as a tie is very rare, making this bet seem quite fascinating for those who desire to get large payouts.

How to Opt-in for Casino Carnival at Betway – Get ₹1 Lakh cash weekly

This promotion is available for existing and new members equally. You just need to follow the next 3 steps properly to get into the casino Carnival that makes you earn ₹1 Lakh cash weekly and ₹500k money top award in Grand Prize Draw.


  1. Play on Live Casino tables and win leaderboard points to get rewards per week.
  2. Qualify at any time to access the Grand Prize Draw.
  3. Join the Casino Carnival of weekly leaderboards and Grand Prize Draw.

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Learning how to play Betway Baccarat is easy when you placed your wager you’re done. It’s great to understand the rules, fundamental Baccarat tact, and most familiar Baccarat terms. Playing online eliminates all the drawbacks of playing in a real casino. There are much cheaper minimum bets and you won’t need to buy any luxurious outfit to join in. Choose from one of the most reliable online Baccarat casinos among Happyindia88’s top list to start playing!

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