FUN88, a company in the world of online sports and entertainment, has made its mark in the annals of sports history through strategic partnerships with legendary athletes and iconic sports teams. This article explores FUN88’s sponsorship journey, highlighting key collaborations with football clubs, basketball legends, e-sports dynasties and even a foray into motorsport.

FUN88 and football: A winning combination

Newcastle United Football Club

FUN88’s partnership with Newcastle United Football Club is a testament to their enduring relationship, which spans six consecutive years. As the official shirt sponsor since 2017, FUN88 has played a pivotal role in raising the visibility and reputation of both brands in the footballing world. The collaboration has yielded outstanding results, cementing FUN88’s position as a leader in the Asian sports market.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

FUN88 has been the Official Betting Partner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for over a decade. As the club has enjoyed success in the Premier League and Champions League, the association with FUN88 has created a strong image for both entities. The partnership underlines FUN88’s commitment to football excellence and to supporting a global football legend.

Burnley Football Club

In 2015, FUN88 became the official shirt sponsor of Burnley Football Club, contributing to the club’s historic 93-point Championship win. This collaboration exemplifies FUN88’s ability to merge with football greatness, breaking international records and leading the online sports industry..

Legends of the Hardwood: Basketball Icons with FUN88

Kobe Bryant

The late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant found common ground with FUN88 in spreading the message of living your dreams. As brand ambassador, Kobe brought his unparalleled passion to FUN88, aligning his legendary status with the brand’s ethos of excitement and dreams.

Steve Nash and Robbie Fowler

Steve Nash, a two-time MVP Hall of Famer, and Robbie Fowler, a Liverpool legend, together unlock the excitement of being a FUN88 member. Their support underlines the versatility of FUN88, which offers the best platform for different playing styles.

E-Sports Domination: FUN88 and OG Team in Dota 2

OG Team – Dota 2

FUN88’s official global betting partnership with OG Team, the two-time winners of the Dota 2 World Championship, cements their commitment to bringing e-sports fans closer to the action. The collaboration showcases FUN88’s ability to recognise and support the champions of the virtual arena.

Accelerating on the Racetrack: FUN88 Racing with Lamborghini

In 2014, FUN88 embarked on a thrilling journey in sports racing by forming the “FUN88 Racing” team with Lamborghini. Competing in prestigious championships such as the GT Asia Championship and the Porsche Carrera Cup, this venture demonstrates FUN88’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the high-speed world of motorsport.

La Liga Asia Official Partner

FUN88’s rich sponsorship history extends beyond individual players and teams to league level partnerships. As a former sponsor of the La Liga Cup, FUN88’s footprint in the football world is not limited to clubs and players, but extends to league level collaborations, cementing its status as a prominent player in the sports sponsorship arena.


FUN88’s sponsorship journey reads like a saga of triumph, aligning itself with football giants, basketball legends, e-sports dynasties and even making strides in the adrenaline-fuelled world of motorsport. This article encapsulates FUN88’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sportsmanship and the pursuit of dreams, making it a standout player in the realm of sports and entertainment. FUN88’s legacy is not just about sponsorship; it’s a story of forging lasting partnerships that transcend boundaries and create lasting sporting legacies.